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Calor Technologies LLC is a Florida registered Engineering and Design Services business providing services to firms all over the world. We have helped customers in their product development process from concept ideation through feasibility studies and engineering analysis to prototype design, build and test. We have also helped customers take their prototypes through stage gate development processes and into production launch.

With numerous patents processed and several published technical papers, we have demonstrated our unique capabilities in research and development. However, the many products we have helped bring to market demonstrates that our research and development is focused on bringing practical solutions to real world problems.

We have helped product development projects to be successful by ensuring government regulations and industry standards are evaluated and applied where appropriate. We also use best practice in DFMEA, PFMEA and design validation to help ensure problems are found before product launch.

We also help our clients by keeping their customers happy with a responsive corrective action system based on industry best practices. We work with other IT infrastructure providers to put in place a web based issues resolution system which gets necessary feedback from stakeholders and keeps customers informed as to issue resolution status.

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Calor Technologies LLC